Doggos: The Gathering Playmats

406622Mowu, Loyal Companion,playmat.jpg

Hey all!

I’m excited to show you the extended art for the doggo mats Mark Aronowitz and I have in the works in partnership with Ultrapro. There are two options available, only 50 will be produced of each in this run.

The first is Mowu: loyal Companion (above) which is priced at $40. The second is a double-sided wolf playmat featuring Arlinn’s Wolf and Ledev Guardian seen below, priced at $50. Please note each mat will also sport the Ultrapro logos.

If you would like to order either or both mats, please contact Mark at:

Thanks for the support!


LedevGuardianplaymatflat (1).jpg
Arlinn's Wolfplaymatflat (2).jpg